I just remembered..

the blog’s 1st anniversary is coming up, so why wait with a giveaway until I reach 200 followers when I can celebrate this instead? 😀 So I have a few weeks to think about some giveaway/contest rules 🙂

And on another note I am sorry for my silence this week, I have been sick and actually still am, but at least I am at work today, so I hope I will be feeling fine before tomorrow where I have a lot more to do here :s Oh and I am sorry about not responding that much to comments and mails, I will catch up during the week 🙂

Think this might be a very accurate picture of how I feel at the moment 😛 Thanks for reading and have a nice sunday 😀

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    1. Tak Linda! Jeg er også ved at være helt frisk nu så det er tilbage på job.. hehe æv og ja den er jo ikke til at stå for 😀

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