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My latest obsession has to be Glee! I loooove this show. I am not much of a singing-series-show-kinda-girl. I was a couple of years to old when all that High School Musical stuff came out so haven’t really had any interest in this genre. But got Glee recommended of a dude I know from online chatting and has been hooked since the first episode and Jane Lynch in the show is definitely a big plus! 😀 She is so fun!  I cant wait until April 13th where the next episode airs 😀 I have already watched all the episodes like 3 times each haha 😀

Here is a little preview 😀

Are you a Glee fan? 🙂

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  1. Jeg har faktisk ikke set det selvom alle snakker om det. Mit første indtryk var at det var lidt urealistisk, men måske den skal have en chance en dag 😛 Ik fordi jeg ligefrem mangler serier at følge med i 😉

    1. Actually its still season one on TV. They just had a little break 🙂 The next episode out is number 14 😀 and that should be out April 13th 🙂

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