H&M – Green

Så er vi nået til den 3. lak og her dækker den fint ved 2 lag 🙂 Første billede er kun kameraets blitz og nr. 2 billede er solskin og blitz.

The third of the H&M polishes is this lovely green.. I think it had great coverage at 2 coats. First picture is cameraflash and second is cameraflash and sunlight.


  1. Dang! i thought I had you on there = I realized I was missing ALOT of awesome blogs that I visit often, So I had to do a post about it. Thank you so much for commenting about this!

    1. Sure you are welcome 😀 I have read your blog for quite some time to and I thought I had you on mine too.. Lol so guess it works both ways 😀

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