NOTD / BB Couture – Balboa Beach Bunny

Got this with this months Nailmail along with 2 others polishes from BB couture.

Love the different color shimmers it has in it 😀 Pretty good coverage with one coat however I found it a bit difficult to apply.

Anyways I love this deep purple color! Had it on for 2 whole days before removing it again and that’s was only so I could swatch some other stuff 😛

Show me your bedside table!

With inspiration from the lovely Kia on I thought I wanted to show what was on mine and not just write it in a comment 😉 So here you go!

I have some anti cold stuff, cause I had a soar throat and running nose recently. Including a cool Kleenex holder thingy I bought real cheap a couple of years ago. Then a lot of books. I am in to the mysteries and chick books. Like shopaholic and such (hated the movie btw!)  Some body lotion, I often go straight from the bath into the bed again and wrapping myself completely in with towels and then under the sheets till I am dry. So I put the body lotion on in here 😀 And then I have my jewelry box(black thing bottom right) and some magazines. And in the back I can spot some stuffed animals that’s been tucked away.. on purpose 😛 I usually read when I go to bed, but because my boyfriend cant sleep with the lights on (whats up with that?? :P) I have to put the book away when he comes to bed, but I read to the next chapter before putt the book away. And then he wants to be all serious and read to.. haha and then he takes out a children’s book one of his friends gave him for a fun birthday present a couple of years ago. The title is on English: Story Of The Little Mole Who Knew It Was None Of His Business
But on danish its a totally different title.. roughly translated its called: The mole who wanted to know who pooped on his head… So I couldn’t really take him that serious with a mole with a poop on his head in the background! 😛

Anyone who reads this can consider them selves tagged! Could be interesting haha ;D And if you do make it link back so I can read it 🙂

Polish Bloggers Network: Lacquer Link Love 1/29/10

Nail Design presents a nail art tutorial on how to do a Wisteria wrapped bow.

The Swatchaholic bring sus yet another stunning Konad design using wonderful shades of springtime greens.

Minder Mutsig Nail Blog is starting catalog of P2 swatches Minder Mutsigenagels and what she has so for will leave you drooling for more.

Think Cherry Blossoms and a beautiful shade of red as Tuli’s Nails shares with you her gorgeous Japanese inspired nail art.

Konadomania spices things up a bit with a sexy Konad of the Day that puts me in the mind of lingerie and lace. Perfect for Valentines day!

polishSWATCHES brings you the work of an 11 year old manicurist in the making and is actually quite pleased with the results.

And now for the goodies

it’s on to the Network Giveaways!

Tuli’s Nails is having a fabulous V-Day giveaway for all her fabulous followers, so be sure to check her blog for the details.

Also, Babbling Brooke is having a contest to Thank all of her wonderful followers and has tons of goodies she plans to share as well.

Orly – Wild Wisteria, Ginger Lily and Pure Petunia

This is the second half of the bunch I got sent* and thought it was about time to do this 😉 The Orly Bloom Collection which most likely represent some of the spring flowers(I don’t know that for sure though :P) that you can expect to see when spring comes around. All the colors in the collection have names after a flower that seems to be within the color range of the polish.

First one is Pure Petunia and the pictures I found on the web have so many different colors so I am guessing without being a big green-thumbed person that it’s a flower that’s being mutated and bred in all kinds of ways, but I think the one I found have a somewhat similar color to the polish ;D And no matter what its a really lovely purple creme color and good coverage with 1 coat ;D

Then there is Ginger Lily which is a like orangy / bronze colored polish. When I saw the color in the bottle I didn’t really like it, but it looked better when I put it on the nails 🙂 This also had excellent coverage with 1 coat 🙂

Last but not least the Wild Wisteria, very dark purple color which in some lights come out like a more dark blue color. Very hard to capture the real colors with this one. But I can definitely see a color similarity in the flower. And like with a lot of dark colors it has good coverage with only 1 coat needed 🙂 I really like these 3 colors from the collection and would love to show you the second half, but I don’t have it and it wont be release until sometime in February. If you want to check out the other colors in the collection its spread out on a few blogs but try to do a google search on Orly Bloom collection and it should be easy to find them 🙂 Thanks for looking/reading <3

*Collection was sent to me from the manufacturer.

China Glaze Up & Away Collection, Happy Go Lucky, Heli-Yum & Four Leaf Clover

I was lucky enough to get sent this product for review from the manufacturer* so here is my pictures of them and thoughts 🙂

I don’t know why but when I see the colors from this collection I think about the circus and fun and summer. And I don’t even like clowns that much 😛 They are scary 🙁 But the colors still cheer me up and with all this winter and snow and cold, its much needed! That’s for sure.

First up is Happy Go Lucky – its a creme and applies really well, but needed two coats for total coverage. It could be that I apply a fairly thin first coat, but I like to put it on thinner because there is a less chance of bubbles 🙂 But back to the polish. I really like it and even though yellow is not one of my favorite colors so I am pretty sure this is one that will pop up during spring and summer!

Then we have Heli-yum – also a creme. As with most red/pinks I find it very hard to capture. As you can see on the first picture the bottle color is slightly more pinkish than the color on the nails. But its really depending on which light is on and the surroundings. But nevertheless I love pinks and this one is a definite keeper 😉 A girl cant have to many pinks!

Four Leaf Clover – or the chameleon as I like to call it. This is also a creme, I actually think the full collection is all cremes, but not entirely sure. It applies really well, I think one coat did the job here and ½ coat for finishing touches. And now look at the 3 pictures below. Of the same polish. Notice any difference? Just click to make them bigger, had to make them tiny so they could fit besides each other. Amazing how a color can be so versatile. Blue, green and minty. And when I look at it in real life it looks more like grass green.. I think these are some great colors and I am sure these and many of the pastels that there are out will be good this upcoming season 🙂 I am gonna put this one on the toes for sure! 😛 And I would definitely recommend this for Sct. Pattys day 😉

And to finish off I have taken a picture with no flash, the only light is a desk lamp. I honestly think this is the most accurate shot of the colors, except of the Heli-Yum, where the top picture is the best.
Have you found your spring colors yet?

*All opinions concerning this product is my own and I am not getting paid to write this.

Thanks for reading 🙂

No more new stuff….

I just made a decision. I am not going to buy any more new nail polishes until I have saved up for buying a Speedy 30 or 35 from Louis Vuitton ! Haven’t decided which one yet 🙁 Think I wont do that until I am ready to actually buy it. So in the future I will have to make do with the polishes I have already. So will try to be as creative as I can.. And still have to crack that Konad code 😛 Tried it a bit last week but I was really really bad at it. So I gave up 😛 On another note would like to welcome the new readers to my little world of polish. Hope you will stick around despite me not getting any of the new collections 🙂 I think it was amazing when I had 10 readers and now I have 160 😀 So welcome

And for your viewing pleasure a sheep ;D

Pictures found on Le Google

I like…

I spotted this over at Nicholaine blog and I feel a bit lot bored so I thought I would do this 😉

  • Flower: I am going for the rose
  • Food: A sandwich of a local pizzeria.. Chicken/bacon and the best curry sauce ever!
  • Books: Mysteries or chicklit.
  • Clothes: I love to wear sweat pants, yes I am white trash 😛
  • Shoes: I own 2 pairs of Adidas Superstar, 1 in black and 1 in white and 1 pair of black kawasaki’s. I usually wear the white Adidas.
  • Baked goods/pastry: I don’t cook my self but I love home made buns.. I think they are called that 😛
  • Vegetable: Uhm carrots
  • Fruit: Apples – Golden Delicious .
  • Movie: This is a really tough one since I don’t have a favourite movie, but I saw It’s Complicated last night and I really liked it 🙂
  • Tea or coffee: Dont touch coffee so that’s an easy one.. And I really like Green tea 😉
  • Magazine: Elle, Bazar and my favourite was Cosmopolitan when it still was here in Denmark
  • Beach-, skiing or big city vacation: Would love to go to some of the bigger cities in Europe and USA.. Tried the skiing and it wasn’t for me and beach you can always go to 😛
  • Beer or wine: I love beer but I started to drink wine a bit more now when I can instead of the beer. Especially like a good white wine 🙂
  • Sport: Football.. and I don’t mean that sissy American football! I am talking real football where you kick a ball 😛

Feel free to see your self tagged if I have you read this and do link back in the comments if you do it 😉

Tagged: Show me your fridge!

Anne tagged me last week in this little game floating around, so better go do it 😉 Rules is a take picture of your refrigerator and then choose a thing on it and tell the story behind it and the tag 3 people to do the same.
We use two of the sides of the fridge, so had to show both sides 😛

Well the front first…

and one of the sides… we could actually use both.. but we don’t 😛

And then for a thing I have chosen and the story behind.
Well I cant live without my wall calendar so that’s the chosen thing! Its been updated since the bottom picture as you can see on the top a lot more is on it. I like to be organized, but I think its more I wanna be rather than I am 😛 I love fridge magnets and I always wish them for birthdays and Christmas, but I never get any 🙁 so all the magnets I own are something I bought my self. And of course I have a sheep 😉

I would love to see a huuuuge americans fridge so I tag

Nicole from Magic Maid I hope you have one those then 😛

and some of the European girls so that will have to be

Nihrida from Nihrida’s blog


Miss AllYouDesire

NOTD Gosh – 550 Purple Heart

A duo chrome! My first one and I could not capture it, except on one picture and that wasn’t even on the nails.. oh shoot! 🙁 But I really like that’s its purple most of the time 😉 Sorry about the crappy pictures, all was taken at night with a desk lamp or flash 🙁 Applies really good with 1-1½ coat 😀