Dior Addict – Be Iconic

En ny reklame for Dior Addict, en ny læbestift, med ingen mindre end Kate Moss i hovedrollen. Alt, hvad man kan forvente af Dior: smuk og glamourøs – og en smule provokerende. Og helt gennemført sejt!

The first ever Dior makeup product was a lipstick, which extended the Dior universe by adding a final touch of colour to a look.  Simple, audacious and ultra-feminine, colourful lips have since become a Dior trademark. Divinely styled by the artist René Gruau in the late forties, today Dior Addict is embodied by the one and only Kate Moss.

There is a video embedded in this post.

Oh noes!

I sinned! I shopped! But only for some necessities! I was out of mascara and at the pharmacy I saw this cuticle creme so had to get it, cause of the extra dry skin right now. And for the polishes… its not even for me! Its for you! Someone out there can win this. I plan on doing a giveaway when I reach 200 followers here on the blog 🙂 So if any of you are reading here, but haven’t signed up through the Google Friend connect thingy in the side, now is a great time for doing just so 🙂

I made the picture black and white on purpose so the colors of the polishes would be a surprise for when I announce the giveaway 😛 And of course since I can see most of you like creme polishes I got just the opposite ;D Nah I think you will like these 😀

Thank you for reading 🙂

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