NOTD / Zoya – Envy

This is one of my new Zoyas.. you know those where one of them broke.. :p hence the pinkish stuff on the bottle 🙂 I love this green its so dark and fall like.. So perfect! As always the application with this Zoya is as delightful as with any other Zoya.. really a high end brand 🙂 I can only recommend it.

I read on today that she had received the OPI’s so in a couple of days, maybe Monday or Tuesday next week im getting my shipment of some of the new collections 🙂 So any time now Anne 😉 oh and i shopped on barrym.. i had to.. they had 20% discount code… argh

My boyfriend went to Tivoli(danish amusement park, which have a halloween theme atm) last night and won a bunch of stuffed animals for me.. yay… ^^ a fake donkey from winnie the pooh. A cow with a strutting utter.. a sleeping zebra, a clownfish and ofc. a I love you heart… how corny is that? 😛 lol


  1. Thanks Inbal 🙂 im planning on cutting them down soon though and starting over(once again).. think they are getting to long :/ and i have 4 broken nails now.. *cry*

  2. That's a beautiful green. Zoya is so nice! I love your amusement park goodies! That's sweet that he won them for you 🙂

  3. That's a real deep foresty green, suits you perfectly!

    By the way, I tagged you on my blog!


  4. Thanks glided and Kellie was kinda weird seeing that colour on my nails.. not used to that :p i love my pinks ;D

    Judy I'm not really into stuffed animals.. actually he knows I hate them.. so I guess it was a "funny" idea from his side 😛

    Lipglossing i will look into that tag right away.. I'm at work and its in the middle of the night so have tons of time 😀 Hehe

  5. I love this polish on you! Dark green…I can't get enough of them…lol! The stuffed animals are sweet.

  6. Your boyfriend was so sweet to win those for you. I used to have lots of stuffed animals but I gave them all to a hospital. I had tons of Beanie Babies and bears of all sorts. I couldn't believe how much I had. The hospital was thrilled to get them all. I have Envy also. It's a gorgeous shade isn't it! Sorry about your nails. I chop mine off when they start breaking also. I can't stand the feeling of a short nail and then a long one!

  7. Velvet: I thought it was kinda weird colour to have on.. so dark 😛 But its nice 😀

    Lucy: How sweet of you to give them to the hospital 🙂 I havent cut mine yet.. think I can manage to grow the others out in a short time 🙂

    AYD: Thanks! and nice you were here in denmark? Cool to know that 😀

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