2 short 2 long…

As the pictures indicate.. I am in a nail crisis… I have 2 long nails and 2 short.. well 3 short, the thumb is short to.. Well I don’t know if I should cut the 2 long nails and let them start over with the other or just let them be.. cant really decide if it looks stupid with the different lengths.. Well I will let you be the judge of that… and sorry for the blurry pictures.. (damn you camera phone!)
Oh and its Zoya – Anaka I’m wearing 🙂

I’m at work atm and get off tomorrow morning at 7… so when I go home I will have 2 weeks of work o/ and I’m going out with my work on Friday and to bowl, dinner and some drinks 😀 Really looking forward to it, since I cant even remember when I was out doing anything on a friday night.. well besides work :S Have nice tuesday 🙂

Edit: I actually thinks my nails looks kinda cute when they are all short 😛 hehe


  1. There's nothing sexier to me than a beautifully shaped varnished short nail. And your short nails are very sexy! Lots of time sexier than your long in my eyes. They look wicked and cute in red. I would cut everything and rock the sexy short nails! Whatever happens, no regrets! It'll grow again. 😉

  2. Hehe thanks 🙂 I think I will cut them tomorrow. didnt bring my gear to work 😛 Actually I find it very liberating every time I cut them down.. I type on keyboard alot in my job and do alot of copy/paste so the pinky finger is very numb cause of me using the nail instead of fingertip 😛 And I just took a look at your blog, looks very nice 🙂

  3. Aww, thank you for checking my blog. 🙂

    Anyway, I know about the feeling of liberation! I used to grow them long when I was a teenager and each time I was cutting them, I realized that my long nails were cutting me from really touching and feeling things with the tip of my fingers.

    Even cut, your nails don't seem that short due to their long bednail. They have a great shape, so don't even worry. 🙂

  4. I think that your nails will look awsome after you cut them all to the same legth. your "short" is my "long" LOL and it looks fine to me!
    (and if you prefer them long, they will grow together)
    go for it!

  5. I think it would be a good idea to cut them to match the others. I know it's hard to cut our nails. At least you'll have two weeks for them to grow. Just don't cut them too short!

  6. Yeah I think I decided to cut them.. I just feel so sad cause the 2 long ones are perfect right now 🙁 but they will grow out again… but still sad 😛

  7. I say cut them all to match. You have such lovely hands that you can wear short nails and they still look gorgeous!

  8. i know how hard it is to cut sometimes, but it's like ripping off a band aid, just do it quick (not too quick haha) and get it over with 🙂 plus they'll look gorgeous no matter what length they are!!

    p.s. i tagged you on my latest post!

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