Before – After

I’m feeling a bit better now after several hours on the couch and thought i was gonna empty my camera for pictures from last night.
Had to test some Dazzle Dust from BarryM hence the heavy makeup 😛 Oh and I’m wearing my new Fiberwig Mascara. Really works for me 🙂 And I see now that i need to find some foundation that makes my skin less shiny.. because it isn’t oily 🙁
After picture.. or well its more a During picture since I didn’t wanna scare anyone with taking a picture today 😛 But was the last shot of me last night at least.. and lets just say I was more drunk than the picture shows 😛


  1. Thanks glided 🙂 I changed it so I think it works now 🙂

    Haha thanks a lot Lucy, well I can assure you I was 😛

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