More new Barry M's?

Apparently the colors I got from Barry M a few weeks ago has undergone a name change over the weekend.

I got a newsletter stating the following:

I was like what? More new colors, yay!

But then I checked my invoice for the last purchase and it actually has these names on it. I don’t get why it says a completely different name on the bottom. And now I have to rename my posts hehe ;D

Btw.  for those of you waiting for it.. I am gonna put up Pale Blue Blueberry Ice Cream within the next few days.. I have it on and had since Thursday, but still waiting for that blasted sun 🙂 Only have 1 tiny chip in my index finger so as always a very sturdy polish 😛 Have a nice day and now I am off to bed 🙂


    1. Så må du da sige noget til mig en anden gang haha 😛 Går jo ud fra det der står i bunden er det rigtige, men guess not! ;D

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