Orly – Gumdrop vs. Chanel – Nouvelle Vague

Popquiz… hvilken er hvilken? Svaret kommer senere i aften ;D Imens gæt løs 🙂

Opdatering: Den øverste er Orly og nederste er Chanel! 😀 Men de minder godt nok meget om hinanden og hvis man bare har den på uden at kigge nærmere så kan man snildt bruge den som erstatning ;D

Popquiz…. which is which? Will be back with the answer later tonight 😉

Updated: Top is Orly, bottom one is Chanel ;D So this is a great dupe for the hyped Chanel polish… no one will see the difference if they just see your nails from afar 🙂


  1. Nouvelle Vague is on the right, because Gumdrop has no shimmer and NV has subtle shimmer.. Other than that, they’re pretty much deadon dupes 🙂

  2. I agree with Daph – Nouvelle Vague is on the right. But hey, there are enough polishes out there that are clear top coats with a slight shimmer that you can layer on top of gumdrop and save yourself $20!! 🙂 Great comp!!

    1. ow thanks… I am a bit hesitant about the big pictures 🙁 some dont like the big pictures here and some prefer them big.. hard to make everyone happy 😛

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