Before/After Helmer's arrival


Order! 😀

But I surely don’t wanna assemble more of these anytime soon.. requires a lot of bending with a screwdriver and I broke 3 nails doing this 🙁 Next time I have to make sure my boyfriend is home 😛

Once upon a time

there was a book filled with polish swatches…

Every time I get a new polish I make a quick swatch in this little book just so I know how it looks 😀 This was btw. what I was doing when I was sick with my eye a month ago 😛 also an easy way to keep a hold on how many polishes I got since theres 5 swatches on every page 🙂 Well except the one we can see here that have 6 😛 Its the new Orly’s I got 😀 I am geek sorry ! 😛

Orly Spring collections (well some of them)

So when I got home not only did I have new phone waiting for me… but I also received a package with some new polishes in it from ORLY! And I of course tried my new phone’s camera for a quick picture of the polishes!

And I am amazed over the quality of the picture! I loooove my new phone 😀 The only sad thing about all this.. is I cant try these!! I made a promise to a very sweet reader to test the how long my new Chanel polish can last before it starts to chip and such.. So have to hang in there 😛

Anyways to get back to the polish, its from left to right
from the Sweet Collection
Pixi Stix

and from the Bloom Collection
Wild Wisteria
Pure Petunia
Ginger Lilly

Cant wait to show you these on 😀
Have a really nice evening/day where ever you are and thanks for reading! 🙂

Mom & Dad-Chairs

This is gonna be so off topic.. nothing nail related here today.. move it along people 😛

This Christmas I picked up a great idea from on of my favorite blogs, the danish blog guru Marie. She had a post about on how her home looked and had included a little contest and some pictures.  See her post here And in this I saw a great idea for a Christmas presents to my mom and my future “dad” 😛

So I present the Mom and Dad Chair!

Step 1:
You take 2x old dusty chair from a flea market

Step 2:
You take 1 old dusty grandfather to help you get the buttons off the legs

Step 3:
You burnish(is this right word?) the chair where the glue is suppose to be put on

Step 4:
You put a lot of pictures of the person the chair is intended to on

Step 5(optional):
Then you maybe put something a little extra on (in this case a picture from their wedding day)

Step 6:
Then you coat it with some see through stuff so it wont be worn up so quickly and voila you have a mom and dad chair ;DThen you have the dusty grandfather disguise it as something completely different when wrapped.
And then they had a very merry Christmas! 😀
I wish I was there when they got the present, but this year I had to work Christmas eve
(oh well can re-use the idea when I get some grandchildren for them at some point :P)

But they really liked their present and it came in handy for our Christmas party 😀