Ink by Dennis Knudsen

I was reading the danish magazine Costume last night and I saw a commercial for a semi-new danish makeup brand, it was actually released last autumn but I haven’t seen it anywhere so guess he is trying to do a comeback with it now. The well known danish hairdresser/stylist/makeupartist Dennis Knudsen have made his own beauty product line and within this also some nailpolishes. The picture is taken from his website that you can see here

Not the most exiting colors, but looks like he chose to do some of the colors that are trendy right now and some of the more basic colors. The one that I might invest in when I at some point get of my no-buy or get a gift card could be the one on the picture, Top Glitter. I am guessing it might be some kind of a topcoat. I think this post is more interesting for the danish/scandinavian readers but I kept in English so all would understand it 😉

Click to see it in a bigger version

I don’t know why I haven’t seen this brand before since it should be out in the stores I usually go look for nailpolish and makeup, but maybe now that it has been “relaunched” I will see it at some point. Anyone out there tried them or even seen these in Magasin, Matas, Salling, Estetique or Bahne?