Spent a good half hour organizing my Nail picture folder. Now I should have a chance finding the pictures I need without having to browse 900 pictures before finding the correct one. Who said that a clean up cant be fun? ;D I tend to take around 10-15 pictures of every mani. But only use between 2-5 of the pics.. I am a perfectionist.. so I hate scrappy pictures 😛


  1. Hold da op! Jeg ønsker også at jeg kunne tage mig sammen og få sorteret de billeder, lige nu er der bare en masse i én stor rodebunke :p

  2. I do that too! I take maybe 20pictures of the same mani, but when I import them, I purge them as well, and I only let the very best stay on my hard disc. Then, of maybe the 4 pictures I saved, I choose 2 to convert to blog format, and those goes in a different file. Easy!

  3. Echoes & Malsen: Ja helt sikkert, så rydder man lidt op uden at lette røven jo 😛

    Mary: I bet you have tons of pictures with that huge collection you have 😀

    PolishPig: I think it comes with the polish addiction 😛 especially when you have a blog 😀

  4. very nice! looks a lot like my folder 🙂 I also do backups for the photos I posted and delete them from my hard drive, I'm running out of memory! I got CDs with my blog backups… 🙂

  5. The best by using blogspot is that all pictures uploaded here is stored in google picasa picture so all pics are backupped here 😀

  6. haha, det er ret fedt det her! Vil du ikke også lave orden i min computer en dag?

    Det er forresten lige gået op for mig at jeg aldrig har fået tilføjet dig som fast læser, men nu er der rettet op på det 🙂

  7. Sara: Det ku vi nok arrangere 😛

    Lucy: Yeh hehe makes everything a bit easier.. how come a clean up does that? 😛

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