E.l.f. haul!

I ordered a bunch of stuff on the 26th… friday evening actually. And received a mail within a few hours that said the item was shipped.. and I was like yeah sure 😛 So I was much surprised when the package came today.. 2½ days from UK to Denmark.. That sure is fast service! So thumbs up for that 😀

In my order was some nail polishes
FuChsia, Mod Mauve and Fluorescent Pink

I ordered a Mineral Face Primer, a bunch of false lashes just to have some in stock ;D Some makeup remove cleansing cloths and a Lip Primer & Plumper.. Had to see what that is about 😛 Just tried it on shortly and I think the idea with it is really good but I dont like the scent of cinnamon 🙁 I have tried on the face primer as well and that it so good. The skin get so 🙂

I got an Eye Transformer as well that is some opal tones that can be worn alone, under, over or in combination with my other makeup. So cant wait to get a chance to try these colors. Then a eyebrow kit to see if I can shape my brows a bit more. I have very light brows so I saw this medium kit and thought I wanted to give it a try 🙂

A quick swatch of the colors from the Eye Transformer, hard to capture when I dont have proper lighting 🙁 But you can see the opal’ish in it a bit 🙂 click to view it bigger

And then I also got a tiny package from Hongkong with some nail art pens and a dotting tool! I ordered some 14 days ago on eBay 🙂 Cant wait to try do some dots! 😛

Trying again..

my last ballerina shoe-buy turned out to not be as good as I had hoped… I can fit the shoes yes.. But I doubt I can walk in them since I think they will bend kinda weird.. eh well cant explain it 😛  Anyways now I found a UK site that have a correct size. So this time better be the last 😛 Oh and btw. if you wanna buy those shoes from the last ballerina shopping spree please don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂 I have only tried them, never walked in them 🙂

I bought these at www.office.co.uk


Just a quick hi/goodnight from me before I am off to bed. I got my new Barry M nail paints today 😀 And I loove them 🙂 I’ve put on Pale Pink tonight, so I am crossing my fingers for some sun tomorrow 🙂

NfuOh – 51

This is one of the infamous NfuOh’s, it seems to be quite a lemming in the nail community. And I understand why 😛 I bought them a while ago but haven’t really had time to try them on other than a quick swatch on each finger. So here is a quick post with the first of them.This is the original color, I haven’t used a base color. So this is how it actually looks 🙂 I have seen a lot of pictures with a black as a base and that looks great to, I mean flakies can make anything look good! 😀

For those of you not familiar with this polish I took some pictures of the bottle 🙂 As you can see its shaped like a dress, I think its absolutely gorgoues and the best idea for a polish ever 🙂 Nfuoh’s slogan is: “When NfuOh began All of the worlds nailart trend was changed” And who is to argue with them? 😛 NfuOh’s own blog can be found here and I bought mine at Fabuloustreet.com

Oh noes!

I sinned! I shopped! But only for some necessities! I was out of mascara and at the pharmacy I saw this cuticle creme so had to get it, cause of the extra dry skin right now. And for the polishes… its not even for me! Its for you! Someone out there can win this. I plan on doing a giveaway when I reach 200 followers here on the blog 🙂 So if any of you are reading here, but haven’t signed up through the Google Friend connect thingy in the side, now is a great time for doing just so 🙂

I made the picture black and white on purpose so the colors of the polishes would be a surprise for when I announce the giveaway 😛 And of course since I can see most of you like creme polishes I got just the opposite ;D Nah I think you will like these 😀

Thank you for reading 🙂

Status on the 1st week of my no buy

Since the 26th I have been on a no buy, so its a week and 1 day of no shopping. And must say its been really easy. Lots of times I have seen something and was about to click me on to the website or webshop. But then I just thought.. hm do I really need that color/t-shirt/bag? And closed down the window again. So there haven’t been that OMG I MUST HAVE feeling over anything yet. But I am definitely sure it will come. A lot of new collections is coming out now and there will be some of them I am just gonna have the urge to get. I had a strange feeling though.. looking at some of the new stuff thats out now.. None of them have really blown me away. I was sitting looking at the new OPI Hong Kong collection and I was not really feeling any of the colors like I need it 🙁 Could I be at a point where I don’t need any more colors? Is that possible? I mean I don’t have a big collection or anything, but I saw on someones blog lined up 6 almost identically colored greens and thought do I really need that? Could I be fed up at the moment with polishes? I didn’t think that it would be something I could think.. but well to look at the bright side.. this will make my no buy a lot easier. 🙂

Going home from work in the snow last night.. Truck that’s stuck and cant turn right uphill, ended up going around it

This road is usually all cleared of snow because its a big road with heavy traffic. But not this evening 🙁 Oh and the heavy traffic is always over when I get off work 😉 Yay for working 12 hour shifts 😛

Hope I haven’t offended anyone that have 6 identically green colored polishes or any other colors for that matter 😛
Have a nice evening and thanks for reading 🙂

No more new stuff….

I just made a decision. I am not going to buy any more new nail polishes until I have saved up for buying a Speedy 30 or 35 from Louis Vuitton ! Haven’t decided which one yet 🙁 Think I wont do that until I am ready to actually buy it. So in the future I will have to make do with the polishes I have already. So will try to be as creative as I can.. And still have to crack that Konad code 😛 Tried it a bit last week but I was really really bad at it. So I gave up 😛 On another note would like to welcome the new readers to my little world of polish. Hope you will stick around despite me not getting any of the new collections 🙂 I think it was amazing when I had 10 readers and now I have 160 😀 So welcome

And for your viewing pleasure a sheep ;D

Pictures found on Le Google