More blog giveaways!

Its just pouring down with giveaways all over the nail blogosphere so heres some tips for giveaways 🙂

My darling Kellie is having her first giveaway with amazing gifts in.. seee what amazing prices 🙂
See all details here

Then we have the lovely Glidedangel who is also having some very lovely prizes 🙂
For entry in this look here
And ofc. not forgetting Lacquer Laine who is having a birthday/100 follower giveaway
She has gone glittercrazy and have these lovely prizes. For joining this see link here

And last but not the least.. orwhatsitcalled. Painted Lady Fingers Diana is having a 100+ followers halloween giveaway. A chance of winning a discontinued Essie polish and a very lovely halloween picture from her friend Sadara. For all details see the link here

Picturecredit to the bloggers mentioned above

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