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Ow joy I can turn on my old editor again 😀 Wheee
Well this is not what this post is about.. I have been tagged 4 times to be exact by the lovely ladies Ayd, PingGinger, BeautyJudy and Kellie. So I did my best in finding stuff that have the color they chose 🙂

First up is pink that PinkGinger ofc tagged 😛
2 polishes, a Barry M and an E.l.f
Napkins (for decoupage)
Decoupage i made
Barry M bag
D&G sunglasses
USB modem
Northface beanie
And then red that Judy tagged
A small stool
2 decoupages
Tupperware heart shaped lunchbox
Mac Polish

And then orange, which im very sorry but i dont have that many orange stuff in my home 🙁 so put some extra on pink.. hope thats okay. Orange was tagged by Kellie 🙂
One more small stool
A bouncing ball thingy( i dont know what thats called :P)
Barry M polish
Orly Matte top coat
Book by Marian Keyes – Watermelon(dont know if thats the english title)

And then it was purple.. which was tagged by Ayd and that was no sweat finding since thats my favorite color ;D
First up is my ring holder, which also can hold my watch
Napkins (for decoupage)
2 cd/dvd boxes
2 polishes, a Depend and a Loreal
My new scarf
NaK, hair stuff to put on before I straighten my hair

Well guess that was it… I pick… the colour… PINK cause its October and that’s breast cancer awareness month.. So i pass this on to some of the danish blogs i read 🙂
Miss Echoes
Frk. Nør
og hvis hun får tid til at blogge igen 😛 Linda

Thanks ladies for this tag 😀 Was really fun to do 🙂


  1. Uhh… Må jeg hellere se på :p

    Pink/lyserød – det er nu en lille udfordring.
    Må se hvornår jeg får samlet tingene sammen.

  2. @scient det vil jeg se frem til ;D jeg er sikker på du snildt kan finde noget pink 😉

    @sparkling thanks a lot.. its actually just found in the local supermarket so i think a lot of people have it hehe 😀

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