NOTD // China Glaze – Atlantis

So I like know this totally awesome chick in the USA.. and she like sent me these awesome polishes 😀 And this is the first of 3 😀 Thank you so much Kellie 🙂 Really appreciate it! 😀

The reason for wearing this today is that later im going home to one of my best friends and we gonna be doing Christmas marzipan/candy(I dont know if this is made anywhere else but its been a tradition for years). When I was little I did it with my grandmother at home. So its nice to continue it with my friends years later 😀 This was my result from last year! Well the reason is because I think its very Christmassy 😛

It tasted so nice 😛

And on to the polish
The last one had a really cool effect 😀

The polish is a jelly glitter greenish with a hint of turquoise/blue. It needs to get 2 coats else it will clump up. But I looooove it. Its so sparkly and have all sorts of colors in stead of just the normal silver glitter. Holo-glitter.. whats not to love?

THANK YOU KELLIE! I love it! 😀


  1. Glad you have someone to get you some polishes. I love this awesome glitter. Looks fantastic on you. Have fun making your marzipan.

  2. Virkelig super flot! Normalt er jeg ikke til så meget glitter, men lige netop den lak er fantastisk.


  3. yay! i'm sooooo glad you like it 😀 and of course it looks AWESOME on you! yayayay for transcontinental polish mailing <3 love ya!

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