Nubar Sparkles Collection

Another spring collection and this one is from Nubar. I think this collection is great! And hope that I can get a hold of some of them. I am a glitter girl! 😛 For the more aware consumer all Nubar are free of formaldehyde, DBP(phthalate), and toluene, and are vegan and cruelty free! So they are actually not doing any harm to your nails and we like that! I really like Star Sparkles and Sky Sparkles, anyone you are fancying?

Package from the US!

Nicole saw my post about a sheep I bought and today I received a package from her. I had no idea what to expect, so cracked up when I saw it 😛 Sheep-slippers! Haha

She also put some polishes from SinFul Colours in the package and some cakegoodies 😀 I will swatch those as soon as I am done with my little chanel polish experiment 😛

Is there something you wanna tell me Nicole? 😛

Thank you so much for the sheep’s, polishes and goodies, you are to kind 😀 I hope to return the favour soon 😉

New Mini's from Depend

More new spring collections on the way and this one is from the Swedish brand Depend and here’s a little preview of what colors to expect in their Spring ’10 collection 🙂 They will be in stores at the end of this month. Looks like they are going for the natural colors, but still have some glitter and metallics. Which one do you like?

Click for a close up and see the colors in detail 🙂 I think this is a real interesting color range and I can a spot a few favorites I will have to get, thats for sure 😀

Orly Spring collections (well some of them)

So when I got home not only did I have new phone waiting for me… but I also received a package with some new polishes in it from ORLY! And I of course tried my new phone’s camera for a quick picture of the polishes!

And I am amazed over the quality of the picture! I loooove my new phone 😀 The only sad thing about all this.. is I cant try these!! I made a promise to a very sweet reader to test the how long my new Chanel polish can last before it starts to chip and such.. So have to hang in there 😛

Anyways to get back to the polish, its from left to right
from the Sweet Collection
Pixi Stix

and from the Bloom Collection
Wild Wisteria
Pure Petunia
Ginger Lilly

Cant wait to show you these on 😀
Have a really nice evening/day where ever you are and thanks for reading! 🙂

Chanel Particulière

Today I received my order from last weeks “shopping spree” on eBay Chanel Particulière 😀

Just grabbed some quick shots of it 😀 Maybe be back with some better pics when I get the new camera

Chanel - 505 Particulière

I LOVE how it looks. And as with all chanel polishes it the application is really good. I think its nice how is lighter or dark depending on the light 😀

Chanel - 505 ParticulièreThis is with two coats and seche vite top coat

Chanel - 505 Particulière

In all I am really glad I got this and think I will be wearing this for a good amount of time this spring 😀

China Glaze vs. GOSH vs. H&M

So I mentioned in a post that I thought my Gosh – Holographic was a dupe.. And I take that back.. Well and then again maybe not, I am really confused about this 😛 Because there are some big similarities in the H&M and the GOSH. The CG is more fine in the holo than the others are. But I will let you be the judge 🙂 I think my favorite actually might be Gosh, just cause it has that extra holo effect.. what do you think? But saying that the China Glaze is a bit different in the bunch so there’s no comparison here other than the holo effect it self. You with me still? 😛

But hey for this might only be for the trained eye.. I don’t think anyone could see any difference if I put them on randomly on and went to work 😛

China Glaze – Up & Away collection

As most of you know China Glaze have a new collection out,
but I am not sure all who reads my blog was aware of this, so thought I wanted to show the collection 😀
I hope to get some of these, cause I surely have some favorites.

The collections includes:

  • Grape Pop – bright plum
  • Sugar High – petal pink
  • Something Sweet – cotton candy
  • Light As Air – periwinkle
  • Heli – Yum – raspberry
  • Flyin’ High – teal
  • Four Leaf Clover – kelly green
  • ReFresh Mint – spearmint
  • Peachy Keen – nectar
  • High Hopes – guava
  • Happy Go Lucky – sunshine yellow
  • Lemon Fizz – banana

Gosh – 549 Holographic

A, no THE holo above them all. My favorites are holos, mostly because they are like glitters.. shiny and glittery just without the glitter and that makes it SO much more easier to get off 😛

Here is some nice holo shots, without a flash I have to take advantage of that sun!

NOTD / Gosh – Holographic

So first up I wanna show a picture from yesterdays NOTD with a bit of sunshine on it

Gorgeous right? 😀 And with a bit of sunshine on it looks even more like a foil 😀

And moving on for this NOTD.
A holo. My favorites are holos, mostly because they are like glitters.. shiny and glittery just without the glitter and that makes it SO much more easier to get off 😛
And without much further ado. Here is some nice holo shots, without a flash I have to take advantage of that sun!